When can I send in my application, what's the deadline, when will get my admissions decision? These are all very common questions students have regarding admissions.

In this section, you will find key dates and deadlines for your application. It's important to note that applications to bachelor's level courses have slightly different dates and deadlines than applications to master's level programmes.

Two admission rounds

There are two admission rounds for you to apply to, with different dates and deadlines. You can find out more about these rounds at the following link:

Two admission rounds for each semester

Different procedures for notifications and replying

In the First round for both autumn and spring semesters, applicants receive one admissions notification - notification of selection results. While we hope all international applicants will choose Sweden as their study destination, it's very important that you decline your place if you decide not to attend a university in Sweden. You can do this easily in your account here at Universityadmissions.se in the Application tab.

For the Second round for autumn and spring semesters, applicants receive two notifications of selection results. Here, it is very important to reply to your first notification in order to save your place. Be sure to reply 'Yes' to any accepted or reserved places you wish to keep. Read more at Reply to your offer.


Photo Credit: Lena Granefelt/Image Bank Sweden

Last updated: 08 April 2019