Scholarships are available for students who wish to study in Sweden. Funding is  awarded on a competitive basis by The Swedish Institute and  individual universities.

For international students wishing to apply for scholarships, there are two main sources of Swedish funding available.

The Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute, a government agency, receives funding each year to use for scholarships to international students. They have several programs available.

Who can apply?

Scholarships awarded by the Swedish Institute are available to international students from specific countries applying for master's studies starting in the autumn semester. More information is available at the website of the Swedish Institute.

Please note that there are no scholarships available for bachelor's studies, or for programmes that begin in the spring semester.

When can I apply?

There are two different application timelines, depending on the scholarship programme you're applying to. For more information, please see the Swedish Institute's website.

How can I find my application number, which is needed for my Swedish Institute scholarship application?

After you have submitted your application to University Admissions, it will be assigned an application number. You receive a unique number for each admission round you apply to. Log in to 'My pages' and click on 'Applications'. The application number (No) is listed for each admission round.

Screen shot of application number

How can I find out more?

Information regarding the Swedish Institute scholarship programmes and other programmes can be found at

Please note: The Swedish Institute is responsible for all information regarding their scholarship programmes. We are unable to answer any questions at University Admissions in Sweden.

Join them on their Facebook page

The Swedish Institute has a Facebook page for information about their scholarships. 

Check out their video!

The Swedish Institute has created an informative video on the application process for their scholarships.

Swedish universities

Scholarships are available from the majority of Sweden's universities. If you wish to apply for funding, you must apply directly to the individual university in which you are interested.

Who can apply?

Students must contact the individual university they are interested in for more information.

When can I apply?

Each university has their own schedule for when students can begin applying, and deadlines. You must contact the school you are interested in for more information.

How can I find out more?

You will find further information on the university's website. Please note that each university is responsible for their scholarship programme; we are unable to answer any questions at University Admissions in Sweden.

A list of universities in Sweden and links to their websites can be found at the following link:

Swedish universities

Last updated: 19 November 2019