Unlike the application fee, which is paid to University Admissions in Sweden, tuition fees are paid directly to the university the student plans on attending.

It is up to each individual university to decide the tuition costs for their courses and programmes. 

Information regarding tuition fees can be found in the course search results here at Universityadmissions.se, or on the websites of each school. Each course and programme has information regarding the first instalment, or the amount that first must be paid, and the total fee for the entire course or programme.

Tuition fees are paid to the university

Students should pay the first instalment of their tuition cost as soon as they have been offered a place and have accepted their offer. This information will be provided when the Notification of Selection Results is published. Please see Key dates for further information.

It is important to meet any deadlines for payment of tuition fees that are given to you by your university. They will give you instructions on how to make your payment. This process may differ for individual universities.

When should the tuition fee be paid?

In Sweden, all offers of admission are considered preliminary until the student has paid the first instalment of his or her tuition fee. Applications for a residence permit will not be approved until the Swedish Migration Agency receives notification from your university that your first tuition fee instalment has been paid.

Students should submit their residence permit application to the Swedish Migration Agency as soon as they receive their Notification of Selection Results and pay their first tuition fee instalment to their school.

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a residence permit is to use the online application at the Swedish Migration Agency's website. Here's a link to information about applying for a residence permit:

How to apply for a residence permit

Conditionally admitted and your tuition fee

Students who are required to pay tuition fees will be listed as 'Conditionally admitted' on their Notification of Selection Results. At this time, our computer system cannot record when a student has paid the first instalment of their tuition fee to their university. Your status will still be listed as 'Conditionally admitted,' even after you've paid the tuition fee.

Please note: There are other reasons why a student may have been conditionally admitted. If this is the case, you will have received information regarding what you need to do in order to finalise your acceptance.

Other questions regarding tuition fees

Any questions regarding tuition fees should be directed to the university you are planning on attending.

Last updated: 08 April 2019