In order to be qualified for the courses and programmes you apply for, you must meet certain general and specific entry requirements.

These requirements differ depending on the level of the course or programme you have applied to – bachelor's or master's – and what is required of the university to which you are applying.

Specific entry requirements

Once a student has met the general entry requirements for all studies at the bachelor's or master's level, he/she must also check what specific entry requirements are needed for the course or programme they wish to apply for. For example, engineering courses may require that a student have successfully completed a higher level of mathematics.

The specific entry requirements are found on the university website. You can find a link right here at by following these steps:

  1. search for the course/programme on the start page
  2. click on 'More information' where the course appears in the search results list
  3. click on 'Read the course/programme information on the University's website.' 

Different entry requirements for bachelor's and master's level

We have divided entry requirements into two sections: one for bachelor's (first cycle) courses and programmes, and one for master's (second cycle):

Bachelor's (first cycle or undergraduate) level requirements

Master's (second cycle or graduate) level requirements

If you are interested in applying to doctoral (third cycle studies), you will complete this process directly with the university you are interested in applying to. For more information regarding doctoral studies, please see the following link:

Applying for doctoral studies

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Last updated: 08 April 2019