Whether you've submitted your documents by uploading them or have sent them in via regular post, you may wonder if and when they've arrived at University Admissions.

If you uploaded your documents

When you upload your documents, you're adding them directly to your application in the electronic admissions system. 

  • Any file name you see listed on the 'Documents' page is a file that has been added to your electronic admissions application.

  • You cannot currently open or view the documents you've uploaded. Check the names of the files we've received against the files on your computer to see what you've submitted.

Can I delete some of the documents I've uploaded?

Unfortunately, you cannot. According to Swedish law, once a document has been received, it's an officially registered document and cannot be deleted. 

Tip: If you're submitting a CV, letter of recommendation or letter of intent, be sure you have the final version you wish to submit before you upload it. 

If you submitted your documents via regular post or delivery service

If you submitted your documents via regular post, you may receive notification from the delivery service that they've been delivered. This does not mean they've been scanned and registered in our system.

  • When University Admissions receives your documents via post, they are placed in the order received to wait for processing. Because all of your documents are made available in the electronic admissions system, they must be scanned and then registered.

  • Opening envelopes, scanning and reviewing the many documents we receive can take several months. We ask for your patience. 

  • When your documents have been scanned and registered into the system, you'll find a listing in the 'Documents' tab when you log in to your account at Universityadmissions.se. The date will be when your documents physically arrived at University Admissions. 

Can I have my documents returned to me?

University Admissions is unable to return any documents you submit to us. Be sure not to send any originals unless specifically requested. Even if you accidentally submitted originals, they will not be returned.

Last updated: 08 April 2019