Students who have studied at an upper secondary school (gymnasium) or adult education centre (komvux) in Sweden usually have their courses and grades listed in Beda, the electronic grade database.

In order for your information to be transferred to your University Admissions account and application, you must have the same Swedish student identity number (personnummer) listed in both accounts.If you don't know if your grades are listed in Beda, contact the school you attended.

For students who used an email address to create their user account

If the username on your account at is an email address, this must be updated to the personnummer listed in Beda. In order for these two accounts to communicate, you must contact University Admissions and ask them to change your account information. 

Please note that an applicant may only have one account at Do not create a new account with your personnummer. Instead, contact University Admissions so all of your academic information - what you have submitted with your original application and your Swedish upper seconday courses and grades - can be merged.

Contact University Admissions in Sweden

Last updated: 08 April 2019