Welcome to the information page for applicants who have completed studies in Somalia, with information about meeting the English requirement, what previous studies meet the basic entry requirements, and any special documentation instructions. 

Start with Step 1 - Finding out what I need to submit

There are general instructions for all applicants; it is important that you start with Step 1 and then work your way through the remaining steps in order to submit the right documents in the right way.

Meeting the English requirement - bachelor's and master's level studies

Upper secondary studies completed in this country do not meet the English requirement for studies in Sweden. Even if you studied English at your upper secondary school, it is not enough to give you eligibility in regard to English.

You can demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through certain university studies, or an internationally approved English test. Find out more at the following link:

English language requirements

Previous studies that meet the general entry requirements and any documentation requirements

For bachelor's level studies:

An Upper Secondary Certificate (Shahaadada Dugsiga Sare) issued by Ministry of Education Culture & Higher Education from 2015 can give eligibility for studies at the bachelor´s level in Sweden. According to current information, it should be possible to receive this document if you finished your upper secondary studies 1999 or later.

An Upper Secondary Certificate (Shahaadada Dugsiga Sare) issued by Somali Democratic Republic Ministry of Education until 1990 can give eligibility for studies at the bachelor´s level in Sweden. 

If you live in Sweden

You must submit the original certificate (Shahaadada Dugsiga Sare) by registered mail to:

Swedish Council for Higher Education
Attn: Verifications
Box 45093
SE-104 30 Stockholm

We will send your original back to you by registered mail so please make sure that you have given us your correct address.

An Upper Secondary Certificate (Shahaadada Dugsiga Sare) issued by the Formal Private Education Network in Somalia (FPENS) from 2000 does not automatically fulfill the general entry requirements. All certificates issued by FPENS are sent to FPENS for verification. If you live in a country other than Sweden, the university you apply to will make a decision about your eligibility on a case-by-case basis. If you are living in Sweden, you will be required to complete studies at the adult upper secondary education level in order to meet the general entry qualifications.

Certificates issued by other education providers such as School Association for Formal Education (SAFE), Schools Organization for Formal Education (SOFE, )Somaliland National Examination & Certification Board (SLNECB) etc. are not accepted because we have not been able to officially contact these organisations.

For master's level studies:

For entry to a master's study programme, the minimum requirement is a 4-year Bachelor's degree followed by a 2-year Master's degree.

  • Students holding only a Bachelor’s degree will not satisfy the entry requirements for a Master's programme.
  • Complete officially issued academic transcripts and diplomas/temporary certificates of graduation for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree must be submitted. Please upload a scan of the original documents to your application.

The Laurea issued by the Somali National University is not generally accepted for entry to a Master’s programme in Sweden since there is no possiblity of verifying the authenticity of the qualification. It will be up to the universities to which you apply to decide whether the qualification can be accepted.

Verification of your university documents

The authenticity of your qualifications will be verified with the issuing university.

  • The qualification verification process takes time. It is therefore important that you apply early and ensure that your study documents are received by University Admissions in Sweden as early as possible. The later your documents are received, the less chance you have of being considered.
  • Please be advised that University Admissions in Sweden does not pay for degree verifications.
Last updated: 29 November 2019