Welcome to the information page for applicants who have completed studies in Pakistan, with information about meeting the English requirement, what previous studies meet the basic entry requirements, and any special documentation instructions. 

Start with Step 1 - Finding out what I need to submit

There are general instructions for all applicants; it is important that you start with Step 1 and then work your way through the remaining steps in order to submit the right documents in the right way.

Meeting the English requirement - bachelor's and master's level studies

Upper secondary studies completed in this country do not meet the English requirement for studies in Sweden. Even if you studied English at your upper secondary school, it is not enough to give you eligibility in regard to English.

Students with a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Applications, Medicine, Pharmacy, or Natural Sciences, unless it is documented that the language of instruction for the programme was a language other than English, meet the English requirement. Please note that there are two exceptions:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology will not meet the English requirement.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology (FUUAST), will not meet the English requirement unless it is clearly stated in the official degree documentation that the language of instruction was English. Any other English language certificates or letters will not be accepted.

You can also demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through an internationally approved English test. Find out more at the following link:

English language requirements

Previous studies that meet the general entry requirements and any documentation requirements

For bachelor's level studies:

An Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (ISSC), or Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) meets the general criteria.

Documents required: Officially issued Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (ISSC), or Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) + Statement of marks, or other official transcript. Each document must be verified and attested by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). Read more about the documentation requirements below.

Did you graduate after 2009?

If you graduated after 2009, a passing grade in Mathematics is required to meet the general entry requirements for bachelor’s level studies. If you don’t have a passing grade in Mathematics in your ISSC or HSSC, you must also submit your Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Observe that the same requirements for verification and attestation apply to your Secondary School Certificate as for your ISSC/HSSC.

For master's level studies:

For entry to a master's programme, the minimum requirement is one of the following:

  • a 4-year Bachelor's degree
  • a Bachelor's degree of a minimum of 124 credits
  • a Bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree or Bachelor of Business Studies, minimum 4 years of university studies. Some, but not all, study programmes require the first degree be in a related field.

Students holding a Bachelor's degree issued before 1 January 2012 from a university which was classified as category Z or Y by the Higher Education Commission (Al Khair University, Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University, University of East, DHA-Suffa University, Nazeer Hussain University) must have the following to be considered:

  • a Master's degree
  • the length of their university studies must be at least 5 years
  • a Bachelor of 4 years with honours in certain social science or humanities majors

The following degrees do not satisfy the entry requirements for a master's programme:

  • Bachelor's in Homeopathy
  • Bachelor and Master of Technology

To document your eligibility, you must submit your official diploma and complete academic transcript. 

Specific document instructions

Submitting your upper secondary documents

Please note the following in regard to your documentation from upper secondary school:

1. For your documentation to be accepted, all Intermediate, and Higher Secondary School Certificates + Statement of Marks/official transcript must be verified and attested by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) in Pakistan. 

2. Some qualifications can be verified by University Admissions in Sweden online. If we can´t verify your qualifications online, you will be requested to contact IBCC and ask them to provide you with your verified and attested qualifications in a, by them, sealed envelope. The sealed envelope should then be sent by post to University Admissions in Sweden. You will be notified on your account here if you must contact the IBCC yourself. Please note that only some boards of intermediate and secondary education provide functioning online verification services.

3. To make it easier for us to connect your documentation with your application, we ask that you together with the sealed envelope from IBCC submit the following information:

  • your name
  • your father's name
  • your personal identity number or application number (you can find this information under 'Application' when you log in to your account here)

4. The verified documents, along with your personal information, must be sent in an envelope sealed by IBCC directly to:

University Admissions in Sweden
Box 45093
SE-104 30 Stockholm

5. We recommend that applicants submit their application and upload supporting documents as early as possible in the admission round, as the verification process can take a long time. 

6. Please be advised that University Admissions in Sweden does not pay for degree verifications.

Submitting your university records

All university transcripts and diploma(s) must be attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Please note that if your Detailed Marks Certificate has two parts, you need to submit them both (attested by HEC). It is not enough that the total sum of marks from the first year is reported only on part 2. Points per course from both years must be accounted for. The authenticity of your qualifications will be verified with HEC.

Please note the following: 

  • Documents attested by the HEC before February 2009 (stamp number under 200,000) cannot be verified. These documents must be attested again by the HEC for them to be considered.
  • The digits on the HEC-stamp must be visible and easy to read on your scanned documents.

Please note that college-issued mark sheet/result card/transcript will not be accepted unless they are countersigned by the Controller of examinations at the degree awarding university and attested by HEC. College-issued diplomas or provisional certificates not attested by HEC will not be accepted.

Your academic qualifications can be uploaded together with an “utlåtande” from UHR ENIC-NARIC or HSV in Sweden, if you have one.

Please be advised that University Admissions in Sweden does not pay for degree verifications.

Last updated: 15 July 2020