Welcome to the information page for applicants who have completed studies in China, with information about meeting the English requirement, what previous studies meet the basic entry requirements, and any special documentation instructions. 

Start with Step 1 - Finding out what I need to submit

There are general instructions for all applicants; it is important that you start with Step 1 and then work your way through the remaining steps in order to submit the right documents in the right way.

Meeting the English requirement - bachelor's and master's level studies

Upper secondary studies completed in this country do not meet the English requirement for studies in Sweden. Even if you studied English at your upper secondary school, it is not enough to give you eligibility in regard to English.

You can demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through certain university studies, or an internationally approved English test. Find out more at the following link:

English language requirements

If you take the TOEFL test:

University Admissions requires a copy of score results, which we then verify online. Students in China cannot download a pdf of their test taker score, our recommended way to get test results to us. If you've taken the TOEFL test, please follow these instructions:

  • Notify Educational Testing Service that you wish to make your scores available to University Admissions in Sweden. Our institution code is "Sweden 3477". You can choose any school type and department for University Admissions.
  • When you register for the test, ask ETS to send you a copy of the test taker score to your home address. Upload a copy of the results when you receive them.
  • If you didn't request a copy when you registered, you can contact ETS and ask them to send you your test taker score. You must pay for this service, and also note it will take a bit of time for you to get your copy. 
  • If the documentation deadline is approaching and you haven't received your test taker score copy, you can take a photograph (easiest with a mobile phone) of your computer screen after accessing your scores. This photo can then be uploaded to University Admissions.

Keep in mind that what we need is a scan, copy or photo of your score report. We will use this to verify your results online.

Previous studies that meet the general entry requirements and any special documentation instructions

For bachelor's level studies:

The following meet the general criteria:

  • Senior Secondary School ((高中)
  • Specialized Middle School(中专)
  • Vocational Secondary School( 职高)

To document your eligibility, please submit the following:

  • Certificate of Graduation/Diploma(毕业证书)
  • Student Record/Transcript of Records with all upper secondary years and /or Senior Secondary Graduation Examination (会考成绩)

Always submit your documents in the original language

You must submit your documents in the original language. You must also provide an official translation of your documents to Swedish, English, French or German. Official means that your translation must be completed by a translation company or a person who works as a translator.

For master's level studies:

For entry to a Master's programme, the minimum requirement is a 4-year Bachelor's degree (Benke-本科). If you completed a 4-year programme in a shorter period of time – for example, after 3 years – you must submit an official document from your university which indicates this, and also explains why one or two semesters are missing from your transcript.

Students holding only a 3-year Diploma (zhuanke-专科) will not satisfy the entry requirements for a Master's programme. Students may be able to use sub-degree level qualifications as a pathway to a Bachelor's degree. In such cases the field of study for the upgrading program must be the same as the field studied in the sub-degree program.

What documents are required?

A Bachelor Degree Certificate (学位证书), a Certificate of Graduation (毕业证书) and transcripts (for each year of study) should be submitted. 

  • Transcripts issued in English by the university are accepted; in this case, transcripts in original language are not required.
  • Transcripts should be official documents, issued and stamped by the university. Please note that if you need to submit a translation, it must be officially certified.
  • If you are a final-year student, you need to submit a certificate of your final year of study issued by the university.
  • Note that your Degree and Graduation Certificates must always be included in the original language, along with an official translation to English or Swedish. Official means that your translation must be completed by a translation company or a person who works as a translator.
  • If you upload your documents, you must scan your original documents; uploaded certified copies are not accepted.

These requirements also apply to international students from other countries who have a degree from a Chinese university.

Independent colleges

Students who have studied/are studying at an independent college are required to present a completed degree at the time of application. Students in their final year at an independent college will not satisfy the entry requirements for a Master's programme.

Self-study examinations

For entry to a Master's programme, the minimum requirement is 20-25 courses/examinations in core courses related to the major subject, and a thesis.

Embossed stamps

If your documents contained embossed (raised) stamps (you can feel them on the paper, but they may not have any visible ink), you must check the scan you create of your document to ensure that the stamp can be seen. If you cannot read the stamp on the scanned document, you must submit copies of your academic documents to University Admissions via regular post. The embossed stamp is proof of the authenticity of your documents and must be visible for them to be accepted.

Last updated: 15 October 2019