After submitting your electronic application, the next step is to submit documentation to demonstrate your eligibility for the courses and programmes you have applied for.

In order to document your eligibility, you must provide your previous study information and document your English proficiency. Exactly what you need to submit, and how you need to submit various documents, depends on a number of factors including:

  • If you've applied to bachelor's or master's level

  • The specific requirements of the course or programme

  • The requirements of the university you've applied to

  • In what country you completed your studies

It is very helpful to read the step-by-step instructions for how to document your eligibility, with information on what you need to submit, and how your documents must be submitted. If you do not submit all that is required, or submit documents in the wrong way, it will unfortunately delay the processing of your application or cause your application to be rejected.

Please select one of the following links to start the documentation process:

Instructions for Master's applicants

Instructions for Bachelor's applicants

Photo Credit: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Image Bank Sweden

Last updated: 08 April 2019