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A guide to help you complete your admissions application

If you've submitted your electronic admissions application, you must complete it by the deadline in order for it to be considered. The following guide will help you.

Meeting the English requirement

In order to study a course or programme taught in English in Sweden, you must meet certain English language requirements.

I'm going to study in Sweden! What's next?

Students who have been offered a place in a course or programme and will be studying in Sweden may be wondering what their next steps should be.

Were you deleted from a course you weren't originally qualified for?

You may wish to reapply for courses and programmes for a number of different reasons. The following is a guide to help you reapply.

Declining your offer - an important step

If you've been offered admission in a course or programme but have decided not to attend, it's important that you decline your offer so that waiting list students can be awarded a place.

Have you visited

An important stop for all international students interested in attending a Swedish university is the Swedish Institute's comprehensive website for studying in Sweden - 

The importance of only submitting one copy of each document

We only require one copy of each of your documents. We have to go through and register each document we receive and a large volume of unnecessary copies will cause a delay in the review of applications.

Two different times to apply for courses and programmes

There are two admission rounds available for students to apply to in each semester: the First and Second round. Here are answers to common questions about them.